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What do you see in your child?  You see a bright, beautiful human being full of possibilities.  She can become anything she wants to.  He can do anything he sets his mind to. 

But ask yourself, is your child fully enjoying the process of learning? 

Are they gaining confidence and independence? 

Is their academic curiosity appreciated and stimulated?



Let’s face it, schools are filled with distractions and competing priorities. Despite the best intentions of teachers and schools, most likely your child doesn’t get enough attention.  What happens if your child needs extra help to fully understand a concept?  Now what if there are 8 students who need help at the same time?  Do you think all 8 students get the help they need?  And due to Covid, so many children fell behind in one or more core subjects due to no fault of their own.  A tutor can help your child catch up quickly.


Your child turns to you at home for help, and after a long day of working yourself and taking care of a household, you now get to wrap your head around a (frankly, long forgotten) math concept or writing assignment?  At best, this is exhausting for both you and your child, and at worst it leads to power struggles and anxiety on both sides.  

Or what if your child is the one who loves to learn, and sits in class mostly bored all day, needing enrichment? When they speak up, they are given additional work with no real guidance and are told to “figure it out.”  A gifted child is certainly a blessing, but it’s also a real challenge to meet their cognitive demands.  What a gift to your child to give them time with a skilled educator who truly cares, and makes their learning the number one priority.

Imagine the things your child could accomplish in a one-on-one setting, with encouragement, structure, and personalized curriculum.  That’s where Sunshine Tutor can help.
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"As a result of working with Ms. Kirat, Kennedy feels comfortable and confident and that is what we wanted more than anything!" 

- Molly W




Does your child need help with math? Are they feeling like things are moving too quickly, or like they just "don't get it"?  We can help your child fill in the gaps of their knowledge, and improve their understanding and confidence solving math problems.   
We can also help the child who excels in math and needs to be challenged.  Help your child move from just 'doing the work' to having more "aha" moments, and experiencing joy in learning math!

Homework Help
Student Writing


Writing is not easy for many people, but it is so critical for success in almost every aspect of life.  We can help the child who struggles with writing gain practical strategies to improve.  We can also help students who want to take their creative writing to the next level.  We'll help improve sentence structure, grammar, and personalize writing projects to help your child express their unique voice.


Learning to read is a critical skill for every child.  We will help a struggling reader gain new reading skills to make them more confident, independent readers.  We are trained in the Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading program, and we have tutored children in reading for over 10 years. We will take what we have learned and help your child develop a love for reading!

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Do you want your child to speak more German?  We can help your child gain more confidence speaking and understanding German.  Each session your child will listen, speak, read, and write in German.  Preparing for the A-1 or A-2 Prüfung?  We can help!

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When you contact us, you can expect a reply within 24 hours.  We will set up an initial phone call to discuss your needs at no cost to you.  

Before we begin tutoring, we like to get to know you and your child a bit better before diving right in.  We'll email a survey to you and your child, to be completed ideally prior to our first session.  This way, we  can learn what's most important to you, and customize learning content to meet your child's interests.  Unless the child is engaged, learning is sub-optimal.

We take your time and your child's time seriously.  Therefore, we will be prepared with all materials prior to each session.  The goal is to maximize learning during the session.  We will begin each session with an agenda, and ask your child for their input.  We want them to feel in charge of their learning.

Finally, we will send regular progress reports to you.  It is important for you to understand what your child is learning during our sessions.  Also, in our experience it makes the conversation "So, what are you learning with the tutor?" so much easier and richer for you if you have a summary of the key take-aways in writing.

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